It has been over a year since my diagnosis. Initially I lost some weight taking my supplements and following an AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. But as soon as Thanksgiving 2015 hit I was in trouble. Mainly because my favorite food is stuffing or as some people like to call it dressing. I could eat a bowl of it with nothing else and have before! But I didn’t this time, but lets just say I ate a lot and it was not pretty. My digestion was horrible and I felt so sluggish. Plus my relaxed attitude about the stuffing lead to may sweet deserts that were not good for my condition either. If you are at all familiar with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis than you know that gluten and dairy are the worse things to eat. They are essentially off-limits. Gluten and dairy increase the thyroid antibodies that fight your thyroid which leads to various symptoms, one of which is fatigue. But I figured at the time I would have a little just to celebrate  the holidays since I had not yet found a recipe that was AIP approved at that time. Well, I celebrated and it took months to get back in the mindset that I could not longer make excuses for not following that one simple principle: stay away from dairy and gluten. The negative side-effect was putting back on the weight I had lost initially plus some!

So two weeks ago I made a list of all the suggestions that I have discovered in my research of healing my autoimmune disease that are supposed to benefit my condition and lead me towards remission. On a daily basis I have made a list on a calendar page of all the things I have done within that day to benefit my health. So I decided that I would share a few things with you as a way to keep me accountable and to share in case this may benefit you as well!

A few of the beneficial actions include the following:

  • Short HIIT workouts or low impact exercise like swimming, walking, and yoga
  • AIP diet (no gluten, dairy, nightshades, coffee, corn, potatoes, sugar, soy, grains, alcohol, processed food, vegetable oils, and legumes)
  • Walk
  • Dry brushing of the body
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep at night and going to bed before 11 pm
  • Stretching
  • Infrared sauna
  • Meditation
  • Increase water intake
  • Switch to organic (food and linens)
  • Air filter (whole house or rooms you spend the most time in)
  • Water filters (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Decrease exposure to toxins (switch to organic toxin free cosmetics, skin care, and body care; switch to glass and ceramic cookware, storage ware, and dishes)
  • Supplement with vitamins (following a protocol prescribed by a licensed professional)
  • Epsom salt warm baths, etc.

I have tried to have a goal of at least 7 of these actions on a daily basis. So far I have been good at having a glass of hot water with lemon in the morning, utilizing my desk cycle daily, taking a one mile walk while at work, stretching in the morning, doing a HIIT or 7 minute ab workout first thing in the morning, increasing my intake of filtered water, using air filters and my Himalayan Salt lamp at work, staying away from dairy and gluten, and dry brushing or using a body scrub daily. The other actions listed above I have already done (like switching to organic and decreasing exposure to toxins) or am working on increasing to more than once a week (like the infrared sauna and getting more sleep). It is all a work in progress as I am learning how to incorporate these things in my life so they do not feel like burdens.

I have noticed an increase in energy and a decrease in craving by following these actions. Not saying that all of these things cause the positive outcome. Ultimately my goal is to get the excess weight off. Honestly my intention is to lose about 50 pounds; a max of 60. I know that something from the list above will help with that. Whether it is just sticking to the AIP diet (which I have been having issues with) or working out daily. One day at a time is how I am looking at this now and I know that I will see the results that I am looking for, plus feeling great. In the next posts I want to elaborate on some of the actions listed above and give more detail into how I am applying them to my life while listing a few resources to give you a direction to take your journey.

What is a goal that you want to tackle?


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